Daniel Boone Costume Ideas

daniel boone halloween costDaniel Boone is a famous folk hero, born in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania on November 2nd, 1734. Daniel was a child of English Quaker settlers and took an early interest in exploring the wilderness. After his family moved when he was a teenager, he became the leading wilderness guide in Kentucky. Daniel Boone was a pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman during the 18th century. His adventures in the American frontier inspired many exciting stories and legends. Historians note Daniel Boone for his many accomplishments in his exploration and settlement of Kentucky, where he founded a village in Boonesborough, which was at that time one of the first English-speaking settlements located west of the Appalachians mountains. The route he established to settle in Kentucky was used by approximately 200,000 people of European descent by the end of the 18th century.


During the Revolutionary War, Daniel Boone served as militia officer.  Shawnee Native Americans were helping the British during this war and captured Boone in 1778.  However, Boone was able to integrate himself into the tribe and survive.  After he left the tribe, he returned to his village Boonesborough to help defend the European settlements in the area.  During the Revolutionary War, Boone was elected three terms in the Virginia General Assembly.  After the war was over, Boone worked as a surveyor and merchant for a while until he decided to emigrate to Missouri. where he stayed for the remainder of his life and passed away on September 26, 1820.

Today, Daniel Boone is known as a folk hero in American history. Accounts of his adventures has been published since 1784 describing his legendary tales inspired by his adventures in the wilderness have turned his life into a Western mythology and an iconic folklore hero remembered best as America’s early frontiersmen.